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Argentina. Interesting Facts

The United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata became independent from Spain in 1816. The union was made up of numerous provinces that now form the following countries: Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay. After a battle for independence, a group of provinces united to form the Argentine Republic.

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Gorgeous Iguazu Falls

Voted as one of the seven wonders of nature and considered the most beautiful waterfall in the world, Iguazu Falls is located in Argentina and Brazil. Here are 9 interesting facts about this amazing waterfall.

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Animals of Argentina
that You Should See

There are zoos (don’t even ask about the one in Buenos Aires), and then there is Argentina, which is basically one big animal wonderland. Besides the jaw-dropping views of nature afforded throughout the nation’s varied and often vertiginous terrain, there are also a slew of cool South American animals roaming around. Whether you’re hiking the epic Fitz Roy mountain in the south or visiting rainbow-colored desert strata in the north, keep an eye out for the following creatures.